O-Track is a service which makes tracking, viewing and sharing orienteering easy and fun for both beginners and experienced orienteers.
As a runner you can use your GPS-Watch or your phone to track your activity, upload it to an event on O-Track and then view how you did in comparison to other users.
As a club or organiser you can create an activity in a few very quick and simple steps and thus offer a great tracking service to the participants of your race.

For the runner

Just create an account on O-Track and then look for the event in the event list to which you want to upload your track. You can read more about how it all works in the user guides below.

For the organiser of an event or activity

If you represent an event or club wanting to use O-Track please fill out this form and we will respond as quickly as we can with information about how your event or club could be one of the first to showcase O-Track.

User guides

For any feedback you might have please let us know here.